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WebKit Contributor Meeting 2014

WebKit Contributors Meeting April 15-16, 2014


Talk Host Would Attend
What can be removed? Are there crufty ENABLE or USE flags that no remaining port uses? Can we turn some on by default?
CSS Regions - Past, Present and Future abucur Zoltan
What are all the smart pointers for? Ref, RenderPtr etc? kling? bemjb, spenap
What are all the iterators for? descendantsOfType<> etc? anttik? kling, spenap
CSS Custom Properties astearns rniwa, bemjb
CSS Grid Layout - Current status and roadmap. lajava bemjb, betravis
Subpixel layout. How it works, how to write subpixel-friendly code. zalan? rniwa, bemjb
Security - Address Sanitizer, Fuzzing, etc. ddkilzer? rniwa, bemjb, Zoltan, spenap
CSS Shapes - status and future bemjb, Zoltan)
Talk about floats and continuations. bemjb Zoltan
Web Inspector - status and future direction. xenon? bemjb, betrays, Zoltan
Performance Tests and Dashboard - rniwa Zoltan, spenap
What is UI-side compositing? smfr/thorton
Web Components rniwa spenap
Performance Optimizations anttik?
Improving Selection Painting Code enrica?/hyatt? rniwa
iOS Simulator WebKit Nightly - is it possible to create? ddkilzer
Subtree style / layout invalidation hyatt? weinig
What in the world is bmalloc? ggaren? weinig
Dramatic reading of webkit-help emails andersca, dino


Talk Host Would Attend
Finally get rid of DeprecatedStyleBuilder krit? review?
Import more W3C tests rniwa bemjb
Add funny webkitbot/WKR commands.
Get rid of various WebCore export generators.
Fix issues found with Undefined Behavior Sanitizer (UBSan). ddkilzer
Properly track and cleanup overhanging and intruding floats. bemjb
Fix All The Security Bugsā„¢. ddkilzer bemjb