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Debugging With GDB/LLDB


Debugging WebKit can be done through command line debuggers like GDB or LLDB.

Setting up your Environment


WebKit provides debug helpers under Tools/lldb/ For automatic loading into LLDB on launch, add the line below to ~/.lldbinit.

command script import {Path to WebKit}/Tools/lldb/


Tools/gdb/ extends GDB with WebKit-specific knowledge. For automatic loading into GDB on launch, add the lines below to ~/.gdbinit.

import sys
sys.path.insert(0, "{Path to WebKit}/Tools/gdb/")
import webkit

Debug Launch Scripts

WebKit comes with several helper scripts to make launching a debug session quicker.

Script Description
debug-minibrowser Debug the Minibrowser application
debug-safari Debug the Safari browser
debug-test-runner Debug WebKitTestRunner

Manually Debugging WebKit

The helper scripts above provide an easy way to start debugging, but a user can choose to manually launch WebKit using GDB or LLDB directly.


export DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=WebKitBuild/Debug
lldb -f WebKitBuild/Debug/DumpRenderTree -- test_file.html


export DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=WebKitBuild/Debug
gdb --args WebKitBuild/Debug/DumpRenderTree test_file.html