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Web Platform Tests Integration

WebKit maintains a separate fork of the Web Platform Tests living in ‌LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests. When changes are made upstream we need to import them to stay up to date.

Importing Tests from WPT

Tools/Scripts/import-w3c-tests -t web-platform-tests/folder_to_import_here

When running the script above the latest WPT will be downloaded into WebKitBuild directory. The requested files will be copied over into the WebKit WPT directory.

After importing the tests ensure to run run-webkit-tests to generate new expectations. You may need to update the LayoutTests/TestExpectations which need to be marked SKIP based on import-w3c-tests output.

Import WPT Tests from a local checkout of WPT

If you have the upstream WPT repository locally you can skip redownloading it by running the following below.

Tools/Scripts/import-w3c-tests web-platorm-tests/folder_to_import_here -l -s path_to_web_platform_tests