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WebKit Contributor Meeting 2012

WebKit Contributors Meeting April 19-20, 2012

Discussion Notes

  • Accelerated rendering and compositing
  • Instrumentation and Metrics
  • WebComponentsStatusMeetingNotes
  • April 2012 MeetingRethinkingRendering
  • April 2012 Canvas Canvass
  • Importing Thirdparty tests
  • Deprecating features and vendor prefixes
  • April 2012 HTML5 Media Element & WebAudio
  • April 2012 Reducing build systems
  • Scrolling Session Meeting 2012
  • April 2012 JavaScriptCore Roundup
  • ​2-minute overview of everything
  • April 2012 Write Your Own Render Object
  • April 2012 Keeping the bots green
  • ​What's new in Graphics
  • ​Perf-o-Matic and Performance Tests
  • ​Multicore Discussion

Proposed Talks / Discussions

Talk Host Would Attend
Writing your own RenderObject eric dbarton, rniwa, leviw, eae, jchaffraix, torarne, dbates
2-Minute Overview of Each Component
Perf-o-matic and performance tests rniwa tomz, dtharp, jacobg, enne, kov, kseo
What type of benchmarks do we need in WebKit? rniwa morrita, kseo
Instrumentation and metrics collection morrita, jchaffraix, zherczeg, tomz, eae, kov, kseo
Reducing our number of "supported" build systems from 7 to fewer-than-7 eric torarne
Introduction to new CSS layout modes maybe ojan/tony^work/TabAtkins/mihnea ? rniwa, hober, astearns, nov, dbates
Better documenting status of new features rniwa, hober
Rethinking the rendering architecture: RenderLayer, RenderObject hierarchy, ... jchaffraix eae, enne, kov, dbarton, huangdongsung
Revisiting the convention and the process to import third-party (e.g. W3C) tests jacobg/astearns rniwa, tomz, dtharp, dbarton, hober
Indexed Database discussion - interest from other ports?, overview of implementation, roadmap jsbell
Canvas accessibility - how to implement latest whatwg additions like focusable fallback content, hit testing, ... dmazzoni hober
Ninja build system: ​ninja is a new fast build system that builds the chromium/mac port 6x as fast as xcodebuild and the chromium/linux port 2x as fast as make. There are ninja backends for cmake and gyp. If there's interest, I can give a short overview/demo of ninja thakis
Web Components: progress update dglazkov dominicc
Explain accelerated compositing smfr

Proposed Hackathons

Talk Host Would Attend
Add performance tests rniwa kseo
Stabilize performance tests rniwa kseo
Import/sync with w3c test suites jacobg rniwa, astearns
Reviewathon 2012! eric? rniwa, jchaffraix, kov
Move methods from layoutTestController and friends to internals morrita/dglazkov? rniwa, enne
Add features to / fix bugs with garden-o-matic, flakiness dashboard, run-webkit-tests, etc. ojan
Work through shadow DOM design issues dglazkov dominicc
​Convert Pixel tests to ref or text-only tests